Social Inclusion

Our vision is to create programs that empower people of all abilities, genders and cultural backgrounds to collaborate and integrate, creating a sense of equality and belonging.

Our aim is to create a more accepting and inclusive community and environment.


The Inclusion Project

An initiative created to assist supporters with disabilities a stress-free footy experience in a discreet manner. By wearing a specific lanyard, staff will recognise that an individual may require additional assistance throughout the game.


Hawks For All Inclusive Schools Program

The Inclusive Schools Program focused on creating an employment tour program to provide students from Special Development Schools the opportunity to visit Hawthorn, tour the facilities, see people in action at work and build a connection to the sporting industry.

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AFL Blind

The VBFL provides the opportunity for Victorians with a range of visual impairments to participate in AFL at a competitive level.

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Wheelchair AFL

Immerse yourself in a program that feels like it was designed just for you! We have taken care of all the details so that you have an experience you’ll never forget. Get in touch to learn more and register.

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The Football Integration Development Association (FIDA) was created for Victorians living with an intellectual disability to participate in football.

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Inclusion Project Officers

Working with partners across Victoria and Tasmania, the Match Day Welcome Staff role was established to welcome and assist patrons entering into stadiums at the MCG, Marvel and UTAS.

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Inclusion Match

Inclusion Match is Hawthorn's opportunity to empower people of all abilities to ensure they feel included, live well and contribute to their local community.


Social Inclusion Partners

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