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School Attendance Program

The School Attendance Program is currently run in the Beswick (Wugularr) and Wadeye communities with the aim to increase school attendance rates of young people in the Northern Territory.


The program is run through reward and recognition incentives for students who attend at least 80% of classes each term.


These students are sent Hawthorn merchandise as encouragement to continue to consistently attend school.


Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to participate in organised games of football after school, run by AFLNT trainees who are trained young adults in the community.


Due to restrictions we were unable to visit these schools in 2021. We look forward to watching this program expand to more schools in the Katherine and Big River regions this year.

Red Dust Heelers Community Engagement Week

Travelling to visit remote communities was something that was missed in 2021. We are lucky to have partnerships with organisations such as the Red Dust Heelers who reside in WA to help us connect with Indigenous communities in Broome.

Joined by Australian Paralympians Brad Ness and Kathleen O’Kelly Kennedy, as well as WA Wheelchair Football and Red Dust Heelers, we set off to educate communities on the inclusive sports of Wheelchair and Blind AFL.

Arriving in Broome, the group were greeted with a Welcome to Country by a local elder, then spent the afternoon running the first blind footy community session with over 30 people giving it a try. Provided with different visual impairment glasses, the group were put through their paces learning how to play footy in a whole new way.

Throughout the week the Hawks and Red Dust Heelers visited seven schools in total running sessions throughout the day and connecting with 100-200 students daily. It was a huge success with over 800 young Indigenous

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Worawa Aboriginal College in Healesville is a boarding college for young Indigenous women from different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. The girls partake in mainstream studies whilst further developing their own cultural education.
Through the partnership with Worawa College, Hawthorn provides Indigenous students with relevant work experience and develops their work readiness.